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Tiffany Sluder Certified Postpartum Doula

Tiffany Sluder Certified Postpartum Doula

Tiffany Sluder Certified Postpartum DoulaTiffany Sluder Certified Postpartum DoulaTiffany Sluder Certified Postpartum Doula

Rates & Services

Ways in which a Postpartum Doula might support you

• Staying with baby to allow parents to nap, shower, eat, spend time with other children in the family

• Assisting you in the hospital if other parent needs to care for children at home 

• Help learning how to read baby's cues, cries and expressions

• Breastfeeding and bottle feeding support

• Breast pump guidance, pumping & storing expressed milk

• Tips on calming & soothing baby

• Help with baby's bath

• Laundry & folding

• Organizing nursery & preparing gifts for use

• Washing & sanitizing bottles & pump equipment

• Prepping light, nutritious meals

• Overnight in-home care of baby so you can get more rest

• Help finding a nanny

About Overnight Care

At night a Doula cares for baby and helps them get back to sleep if they wake often, as their circadian rythyms are not established in the early weeks. If mother is breastfeeding a Doula will bring baby to mama so that she can nurse and after they finish, the Doula burps, changes their diaper and rocks baby back to sleep. If your baby is bottle fed the Doula prepares bottles and feeds baby so that he parents may sleep through the night or wake only for pumping. 

When baby is sleeping soundly a Doula can do laundry, meal prep and organize the nursery, granted they are not disruptive to the sleep of the family.

Baby is typically kept cozy in their bassinet near Doula in a room outside of their parents or in their nursery so that parents may enjoy an evening of less interrupted sleep. 

Many parents choose to have a night Doula help out one to three days a week, especially if they have to return to work early on, birth multiples such as twins, or have older siblings in the house that require them to be better rested. Some parents opt for every week day night. 

Typical night hours are 8 hours, from 9pm to 5am or 10pm to 6am.