Tiffany is fantastic! She helped our family as a night nanny for our 3rd child. We used her 4 nights a week. Our initial plan was 3, but she was so helpful we quickly added another night. She is very flexible with her schedule and was always accommodating to our needs.

My husband and I wanted night help to maximize sleep as much as possible so we could both function better during the day with our 2 older children (not much time for naps!). Tiffany was perfect at night. She not only is great at working with and soothing newborns, she also brought a lot of knowledge and helped me as a nursing mother, something that I didn't expect given this was my third child. But every child is different and she has experienced many more babies than us! She was a great sounding board and it really helped me to discuss everything that was going on with my baby to Tiffany.

Every feed, Tiffany would change the baby's diaper, bring him to me to nurse in my bed, and take him when I was finished. She would burp him and sooth him back to sleep, which saved me a ton of time every night. Having Tiffany do that work allowed me to fall back to sleep quickly. When our baby was sleeping, Tiffany straightens up everything! She wants to stay busy and always folded laundry, picked up clutter, cleaned up the dishes, and would help prep food or make the older kids lunches for school.

We loved having Tiffany help our family. I really wish I would have used her with our first two children! I give her my highest recommendation for helping to care for your family. She is a genuine, caring women who is great with newborns.

-Rouz J. 

Tiffany helped me in taking care of my daughter for an extended period of time after delivery. Tiffany is organized, very caring ,and compassionate.
She came prepared with all necessary certifications, immunization records, background check information ,and references for our first meeting. She noted down all our requirements/wish lists.
She was immediately able to bond with my 2 weeks old daughter. She was able to identify her needs and guide us gently without pushing us. She was on the same page as us regarding our concerns for our daughter's well being and supported us very well.
During her visits, she was very proactive. She would not only help with bathing, swaddling, and feeding the baby, but also did all the light housekeeping. She kept the place tidy, and organized.
She would keep track of any small change, pattern for my daughter and kept written record of it. She went out of her way to make herself available for an extended period at a very difficult time for us. I would not have been able to enjoy my motherhood without her support. She is a gem.

-Gita P.

After having an unexpected cesarean and difficulty nursing within the first few weeks of my baby's life I had lost some confidence and felt overwhelmed and completely exhausted. A friend recommended we call Tiffany. Tiffany impressed my husband and I with her professionalism, calm demeanor and ability to anticipate our needs (for both baby and mama). Most importantly our baby loved her which was the most important criterion for us.After meeting her in our initial interview our baby was a little fussy, she calmed him right down and got him to back sleep. He slept the longest sleep to that point! We were impressed! She was a life saver. She was quickly able to asses the situation, find the needs at the moment, rank those needs and start addressing them. Since dishes and laundry do not stop accumulating once baby comes, it was wonderful to have an extra hand to help. She helped with pumping, making lunch and snacks, laundry and dishes. Additionally, she spent time with baby so I could nap and take a shower which felt like a real treat. Her number one priority was always making sure the baby was happy and taken care of. She followed our parenting philosophy and picked up on things very quickly. She always made sure our son's play was developmentally appropriate. She even taught us some little tricks to maximize our bouncer and make our swing a little comfy for our baby. She is very knowledgeable about a variety of parenting styles and helped clear up some confusion for me about various sleep philosophies.As a mom I feel much more confident, nursing is going much smoother with Tiffany's help, and our baby is on a better sleeping schedule. We were sad to see her go but always know she is just a phone call away. She will be a great asset to any household with a new baby.

-Laura M. 

Tiffany was there to help with our twins for the first few months.  Everyone told us to get help and we are so glad that we listened and even happier that we found Tiffany!  From the first meeting I felt that she and I were in tune with each other and I loved her thoughts on what she could offer all of us.  She was AMAZING with our twins and I loved listening to her sing and hum to them when she was getting them ready for bed.  Because of Tiffany my husband and I were able to get 8 solid hours of sleep because we knew that she was taking care of everything while we slept.  In the morning we had a detailed report of everything that happened.  She was also so helpful to me as a new mom trying to get so many things done, especially around the holidays.  It was like I had my own personal elf!  Tiffany is professional, has a wealth of knowledge about so many things related to newborns and so helpful.  She truly became like one of the family and we really miss her!

-Michele R. 

What a wonderful experience to have Tiffany as our post partum doula! From the moment I met her, Tiffany’s gentle, caring nature was evident. I knew she would be a great fit to care for my newborn daughter, Sailor.Tiffany cared for Sailor a couple of times a week until Sailor was 3 months old. With her soothing aura, Tiffany provided amazing care for Sailor as well as support and grounding for me. This was so helpful for my state of mind, and I felt confident that my daughter was in very good hands. In addition, I appreciated Tiffany’s insights and thoughts regarding the baby’s growth stages – what growth was currently happening and what behaviors to expect, so I knew what to watch for. Last but not least, Tiffany has a sweet personality that makes her a joy to be around.

-Lori O. 

Tiffany is gentle and intuitive in her baby interactions, additionally she is dynamic and good at reading parents needs and going with the flow. She makes suggestions based on her solid experience. For example, she suggested putting a towel in my newborns little wash basin to assist with grip, it worked perfectly - a good recommendation. Tiffany writes everything down, reporting activities upon my return and during naps will help organize drawers, closets, etc. she has a knack for it. I cannot recommend her enough.

-Katie D.